Reflex Integration Workshop Part I and Part II

Rescheduled to 2018

Learn about key reflexes, what happens when they remain active in the body and how to easily integrate them back in to the body, at any age and stage of life, with simple, easy movements. A fascinating, engaging and fun workshop where you will learn tools to support you for life.

How to do a Sun Salutation Without Killing Yourself!

Rescheduled to 2018

Are you interested in learning how to do the beautiful sun salutations (a traditional yoga series) without injuring yourself? or to be able to do them with ease and freedom? Want to work up a sweat but in a safe manner?

The Sun Salutations are a beautiful yoga practice that can build heat, increase flexibility and mobility and really get the life force energy of prana, moving in the body.

A solid understanding of, and experience base with, therapeutic yoga classes with me – at least 6 months of practice in my therapeutic yoga classes – are required prerequisites for this class series.

Come prepared to move lots and sweat a little or a lot 🙂 and all in a safe manner.  Experience this beautiful practice with me.

If you have been with me in classes for at least 6 months, I invite you to join me for this series!

Limit of 10. Minimum of 4 required to run the class.

Unlimited passes exempt from this class.


Happy Feet Workshop

Rescheduled to 2018

Yoga Therapy Ball Workshop

Rescheduled to 2018

Female Pelvic Floor Workshop

Rescheduled to 2018