Therapeutic Yoga Group Classes

If you have pain or live with limited mobility, therapeutic yoga can help you move better and as a result, your tension and pain can decrease. In these 75 minutes classes, you will learn what your available range of motion is and how to move purely in that range of motion.

These are highly individualized classes and are always small group, maximum 8-10 people, so you get loads of 1:1 attention with movements customized specifically for you. You’ll be able to practice the movements easily at home.  Come and see how much better you will feel with therapeutic yoga.

Excellent for anyone with pain, or limitation, or anyone dealing with chronic conditions or disease, or who want to live life with more ease.

The service you are providing is invaluable. I feel you have a strong intuitional way of knowing exactly what is needed in each class or encounter with the client(s). Even in a group, moving in a direction that seems necessary and bringing everyone along so not only the few but the whole group benefits. And knowing when to switch direction. 

 I feel you have this quiet subtlety in confidence and knowledge that you bring to each encounter. Knowing what and when to share information. This helps when the group is diverse and not always on the same type of trajectory. 

 You always allow the space needed for each person to move into or through the physical into the emotional and spiritual bodies. Whether it is through tears or laughter the honour and space is always given. Your offering of holding space for others is heartfelt and so much appreciated. 

 I feel there is always a great mixture of serious and laughter. 

 Your strength as a teacher is very apparent and feels very grounded deep in you. 

I appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there to hold space to impart wisdom and help teach people how important the connection between the physical body to the soul body is. And allow each individual to progress from where they are to where they are going in the way they need to. 

In much gratitude, respect and admiration.