Therapeutic Yoga Group Classes

If you have pain or live with limited mobility, therapeutic yoga can help you move better and as a result, your tension and pain can decrease. In these 75 minutes classes, you will learn what your available range of motion is and how to move purely in that range of motion.

These are highly individualized classes and are always small group, maximum 8-10 people, so you get loads of 1:1 attention with movements customized specifically for you. You’ll be able to practice the movements easily at home.  Come and see how much better you will feel with therapeutic yoga.

Excellent for anyone with pain, or limitation, or anyone dealing with chronic conditions or disease, or who want to live life with more ease.

After hearing great things about Sue’s yoga teachings I decided to start attending her Therapeutic and Yin classes.  I have to say I was quite surprised after going to a few classes how different these were from the yoga classes I was attending.  I find her teachings very relaxing, fun and have never felt out of place or uncomfortable.  Everything is within your own means and you never have to match anyone else’s level or ability.  It is very nice to be able to work with someone so knowledgeable about what they are teaching and who truly cares about all of her clients.
I am still attending classes with Sue and will continue as much as I can.  I have learnt the importance of pure movement and how to listen to my body.  Thank you Sue for all you’ve shown and taught me.  I’m very happy I took the steps to join your world of Yoga.  This is truly a lifestyle change of moving better so you can move longer.  And to always continue to Breathe ! :o)