Private Sessions



Train with a friend!
$180/duo (+gst)
1 hour sessions. Maximum 2 people.

Private Therapeutic Yoga (Yoga Therapy)

Therapeutic Yoga private sessions provide you with a wellness experience that is highly individualized. We work with specific movements, breath and stillness that your body specifically requires to move you towards living life more fully and with tremendous ease.  It is a therapy based on movement, taken from the traditional teachings of yoga, however, it has less to do with yoga and more to do with helping you move better.


Your body will find balance

The movements, breath and stillness will assist you in finding more freedom in your body, will help you reduce or get out of pain and will help move you from less function to more function.  As a result of moving purely, your body will also find balance which will provide for healing on deeper levels in the body.  It is a practice that has significantly improved the lives of many.

Let me help you move your body the way it’s built to move.  You will be amazed at the results by this simple and profound method of healing. Often, and typically, clients see benefits in 3-5 sessions.

The 1:1 yoga sessions are highly personalized and designed to support  you in your specific healing journey.  You will find nothing that compares to these unique and powerful sessions.

Private Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions are held in a 1:1 setting in the studio which focuses on treating you with Reiki energy.

Please email Sue to schedule an appointment.


Today’s class and those simple moves made a world of difference. My back and hip pain disappeared.  I’m still feeling taller and stronger at the end of the  busy day.

Now to get my knee to release and I will be walking nonstop!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Can’t wait to see you Monday! 😘🤗🙏🏻☀️


Series of 10 sessions is recommended for optimum results.
All levels and abilities welcome.


Ongoing. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments available.

Please view our schedule to find see our private session time slots.


Baseline Business Centre

#200, 33 Blackfoot Road, Sherwood Park, AB

Required Equipment

Please wear clothes you can easily move in, and bring a water bottle. You do not need to bring a yoga mat.

Payment Options

We accept cash, cheque or credit card payments. To purchase with your credit card, please visit our shop to purchase your session.

You lift my heart, you are so insightful, and so incredibly connected to the important pieces of the world . . . 

You should be a doctor because everything you have been supporting me with is where she (my own doctor) nailed it as well.  She said it will take some time, but everything I have is restorable lol. I really needed to hear that . . . full restoration!!  I told her my symptoms keep me from classes etc.  She said go slow and will try to get me regulated again . . . wanted to share as your friendship and guidance is cherished. 😊😊

I just tell everyone that you were a God send for me . . .

PS. I honestly don’t know how you do it . . . you are like a doctor with so many patients and always coming up with possibilities to help people. That’s a gift Sue!!!!!  😊😊😊

Thank you for listening 😊