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Thank you for your patience with the unexpected cancellation of events last week.  Everything is scheduled to go as is this week so I look very forward to getting back to yoga with you all. 
Lots of exciting things coming up….
New offerings include:
– a very powerful and simple way to meditate…  Join me on regular Labyrinth Walks! 
– a new monthly class!  Relax and Restore with Meditation, Breath & Movement class, based    on interest.  Next one is October 28
– workshops:  
Introduction to Mantra – October 15 – still room for registrations!
Support from the Ground Up (lower body) – October 22 am – still room for 4
TLC for the Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back – October 22 pm – room for 1 more
Visit the website for details on all events coming up and more, and I hope to see you in class, or at a workshop or event very soon.

Fall Class Schedule!
Here are the class times, dates and fees.  Register through me, or online  Looking forward to seeing you this fall and helping you move better and feel better!

Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions
If you’re looking to progress quickly out of pain and tension, and increase your mobility private therapeutic movement sessions are the best choice for quickest progress.

These focus on you and your specific needs to help resolve any issues you may have.  Sessions are available daytimes and some later afternoons.  Read what clients are saying!
Contact Sue for more information. 

Other Offerings at the Studio…

Labyrinth Walks

Can’t meditate?  Try walking a labyrinth …

Come and join me, and others from our Elements community as we walk various labyrinths in the area.  Read more here about what a labyrinth is and why you might want to walk one with us!
Held monthly; based on weather.   Scheduled tentatively for Friday, October 14 at 11am.  Location TBA

Meditation & More
Join me for a different evening of meditation and more!
You will be guided through a variety of meditations, breath work, mantra, mudra and movement which by the end of class will have you deeply relaxed with new awarenesses potentially also.

Next evening is scheduled for Friday, October 28, 5:45-7pm

Only $15 including GST per class!

Meditation Class

Introduction to Mantra Workshop

Guest teacher, my dear friend and mentor, and only ordained female Priest & Pujari in her lineage in Canada, Yvonne Werkmann, will lead us through a 3-hour introduction to mantra workshop. Learn some amazingly powerful mantras, join in the chanting if you wish, and take in the amazing positive energy that is created when a group gets together to call in love, healing & wellness.  

This event is non-denominational and is open to everyone.  
October 15, 10-1pm   $55 plus GST
For more information and to register: Introduction to Mantra

Support from the Ground Up – Workshop!

My good friend and mentor, Dawn Ross, and I will be facilitating this workshop together! 

This 3 hour workshop cultivates support from the ground up with playful, partner and prop explorations and core work that works from the inside out. Starting with the feet you’ll learn how to use the support of the ground and space within you to evoke posture that is effortless at any age. This workshop is for you if you have high over active arches, flat underactive arches, ankle stiffness, calf tightness, tailbone/sacral tenderness or pain or catch yourself throughout the day editing or correcting your posture by standing up tall and pulling your belly in and shoulders down.
October 22, 9:30-12:30   Support From the Ground Up

TLC for the Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back – Workshop!
Spend 3 hours pampering your neck, shoulders and upper back with self care tools that release tension and realign the spine. Learn how the shoulders and spine work in harmony and synchrony with each other. How to identify and address when this natural rhythm gets disrupted and ways to gently bring back harmony. If you hold stress or have tension in the shoulders and or neck, experience wrist or elbow tenderness or pain or notice you are developing a more head forward posture this workshop will support you to discover what else is possible.  October 22 2:30-5:30pm

Intuitive Reiki with Allison

Experience an Inuitive Reiki healing session with Allison and leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and more.  Like no other, Allison has exceptional intuitive abilities and can tap in to your body’s needs.  Leave feeling completely relaxed and calm.  Book directly with Allison here and treat yourself to an amazing relaxing session!

Therapeutic Yoga for Everyday Audio CD

Not sure what movements to do when you’re at home?

Need a little guidance as you get on your mat to do some therapeutic yoga?
Want to attend therapeutic yoga but can’t come to classes?
Take Sue with you!  Just like being in class …
Listen, Follow, Relax & Breathe …  $21 with GST

What People are Saying:

I found Sue about a year and a half ago by accident…or perhaps not…driving by a sign in my neighbourhood advertising “Therapeutic Yoga” and something told me to give it a try. It seemed to have come at the perfect time since I had recently started physiotherapy for a shoulder injury that had been limiting me for over ten years and had finally came to a point of needing to be dealt with. Regular massages and chiropractor treatments were no longer managing the pain in my neck and shoulder and I didn’t want to resort to the painkillers I was prescribed. I was suddenly sidelined for the first time in my life and no longer able to play sports, kick box, strength train or do “regular yoga”…all things that I loved doing. I was soon referred to a specialist and awaiting a proper diagnosis which took over 6 months.  
My first therapeutic yoga session with Sue was more about discovering self-acceptance then the about the restorative yoga poses…although they were great! Sue understood how frustrated I was with my limitations having experienced injuries herself. Her patience and understanding was so important for me since I needed to first surrender to where I was physically, and accept it, before I could really start my journey of rehabilitation. This past spring I had the tear in my shoulder repaired and started back with Sue as soon as I got the green light from my specialist. I have continued to take Sue’s therapeutic sessions throughout as well as private sessions where Sue has created programs for me to help me continue my rehab and reteach my body how to move “purely” since it has been over compensating for over a decade..which is no small feat 😉 Sue is always up for a challenge and continually learning new techniques to help her clients. I love her passion and dedication. She truly is doing this from the heart. I am very excited to say I had a major breakthrough in my private session last week where after holding a new pose my shoulder actually dropped into a noticeably “different” position. I think we were both in a bit of shock at how dramatic it was. It felt like a light at the end of a long tunnel and reaffirmed that this is exactly where I need to be to continue my rehabilitative journey. I happened to noticed a Rumi quote on Sue’s whiteboard that same day which read something like “We don’t meet people by accident…they are meant to cross our path for a reason”.  So blessed to have crossed Sue’s path.   C.L.

I am so thankful to be able to share my passion of Therapeutic Yoga, either in private therapeutic sessions, in my group classes or in workshops, with each of you.

Many blessings,


Sue Kruszewski
Certified Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teacher 

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