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Dear Sue,

I spent the last 10 days taking a break and looking after me.  It was one of the best breaks I have taken in a very long time.  I did lots of hiking (16k one day!  I was actually shocked I made it that far!), kayaking, sleeping in, eating meals with awareness and presence (instead of running around between bites or sitting in front of a screen), relaxing, and sitting… just SITTING and BEING.  It was challenging because ‘there’s always something to do’ but it was so needed.  And I did it.  And it didn’t actually take too long to get into the ‘doing less’, as I say in my classes.   And, it was so FUN!  That feeling of calm, peace, grounded-ness, connection and fun have been missing in my life for some time.  It’s not the ‘have fun’ like you’d write on a to-do list (and believe me, I have done that too) but this was fun that happened organically and that came from an internal and intrinsic place.  This is our birthright, and not just mine, but it is there for each of us.  So I took home a few thoughts and realizations which I want to share with you here:
We cannot ‘book time off to have fun in 6 months from now’ or on our next vacation.  We need to have fun, connection and peace and joy EVERY SINGLE DAY.  So I invite you to ask yourself:
What is something that is fun for you?  
Do you know what really makes your heart sing?  
What makes you laugh and fills your being with pure  joy?  
What is it that is FUN for you?  
What do you look forward to doing?  
Once you identify this/these, can you do a little bit of this/these, or a part of this/these, EVERY DAY?
Over my break, I remembered what those things were that are fun for me.  I know deep within that I need to bring elements of these fun things in to my life EVERY day, so that my life can be full and joyous EVERY DAY, and not just on my next vacation, and ‘survive’ until then.  And when we do this on a consistent basis, bringing fun and joy and connection into our lives each DAY, we truly and genuinely look after ourselves.  THIS is how we take care of ourselves.  When we look after ourselves in this manner, it in turn brings us more energy and vibrancy, and as a result of this genuine energy and vibrancy, we are able to help others infinitely more.   Truly, this is the way.
I also have created a new habit!  
I have been asking myself this question often throughout each day:  
Am I taking in more than I am giving out? 

Posing this question to myself has really made me consider when I am giving out more than I am taking in. The ‘taking in’ – this is not a selfish taking in.  it is a rejuvenating, refilling, replenishing ‘taking in’.  It is absolutely required in order to have balance in our lives.  Neither one can be more than the other. The taking in and the giving out need to balance each other at some point otherwise your cup will overflow (and that has negative consequences), OR you cup will run dry (which also has negative consequences).
THAT is what I realized these past 10  days.  
So I invite you to join me in bringing fun and playfulness into life and asking yourself these two important questions:
– What is one little thing that you can do today to bring more fun and playfulness into your life?
– Am I taking in more than I am giving out?
ANNNDDDD!  …. just look out … classes with me from now on are going to have elements of playfulness and fun woven throughout nutritious movement, therapeutic yoga, breath, awareness, reflex integration, somatics and much more! 
If you attend classes with me, you are in for a fun ride so hang onnnnnnnnnn! 😀
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
June classes are on and there is still room for you to join in!  If you’re interested in finding out how therapeutic movement can help you, come and try a few classes and feel the difference!
There are also many different events coming up at the studio … check out the events, classes and opportunities to support your wellness… and then get ready for a great summer sizzler! 
There have been a few schedule changes – the mini-retreat workshop on June 17 and the Couples class will be rescheduled to the fall.  
Check the website for other events and classes online and register here 
Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!  Hope to see you at the studio soon!

June Group Classes Have Room for You!

It’s never too late to join in on any of my classes!   Register today.   
Try a few drop-ins to see what therapeutic movement classes with me
are all about…

Very fun and different classes that encourage nutritious movements, fun, breath, awareness, relaxation and much much more! You’ll leave feeling more relaxed and more freedom in your being.

Summer Sizzler!

Last summer was a great hit with the unlimited summer pass… unlimited yoga, any class times, as many as  you like, throughout the whole summer!  But this summer – longer classes, more options!  Online registration for the summer unlimited pass will be up soon. Be sure to register right away to book into the class times you want. 

Unlimited Pass!  $239 + GST    Drop-In $22 + GST
Individual Class for summer session also available to purchase
If you are new to my classes, you will see and feel and come to know that … every class will teach you something new and will bring you a new awareness within.  All movements are gentle and safe and will always work with the range that you have available in the moment. Join me for an experience like no other, in a class unlike anything else. Beginners and experienced yogis always welcome.  Come and learn a different way to move and be.   Summer Sizzler Details!

Salad Making & 


Join Brittany Watt, professional chef and business owner of Harvest Microgreens, in this FREE 2-hour session, as she shares how to amp up our salads and pack the biggest nutrient punch possible with microgreesn!  You won’t want to miss it!  

Session includes samples, great tips and product to purchase or order.  Register online today to reserve your spot at this event!

Saturday, June 3,  10-12noon    FREE
Order your micro-greens today and pick them up at the studio!  For microgreen info, visit the website

Rock & Roll Workshop!

Join me for a rockin’ and rollin’ good time workshop!  3 hours of techniques and movements using therapy balls paired with therapeutic yoga!  You will leave feeling more freedom in your body, more balance in your emotions and more peace in your mind…. and a list of many, many ways to roll out tension and roll in freedom throughout your entire body.   Perfect for every body.   Includes handout & light snacks.

Saturday, June 3,  1-4 pm       $59 plus GST
Only 4 spots left!   These events fill quickly!   Register today.    Rock & Roll Workshop

Happy Feet Workshop!

Do you live with hammer toes? or bunions?
Do you often get foot cramps or  have foot or ankle pain??  
Do you stand a lot, walk a lot or are a runner?
Our feet are an important part of the body and often are neglected. This fascinating & fun workshop, using different tools and the principles of therapeutic yoga, will show you tips & techniques to treat different foot issues and get your feet moving and reconnected to your body, or to keep them flowing, happy and healthy!
Saturday, June 10    9:30-11:30am      $42 plus GST
This event is now FULL.  Watch upcoming newsletters for fall dates. 


Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Course  – June 23-25

Interested in finding out more about Reiki and it’s amazing benefits? Interested in learning Reiki for self-healing or to support others and our planet?  Check out what this awesome training with Pam & Penny is all about … excellent instructors, amazing training, powerful tools, great price!    Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Course Info 

Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

Are you living with pain or tension?  Have you tried everything but nothing seems to really work, or you have to keep going back??  Want to ‘fix yourself’ and move towards better function?  Therapeutic yoga can help.

If you’re looking for a different way to deal with your pain and tension, I invite you to try therapeutic yoga & therapeutic movement, a unique way of looking at the body as a whole, complete unit.  If you want to take control and work on yourself, and are committed to taking responsibility for yourself, private movement therapy sessions can help you progress quickly and help decrease or eliminate pain and tension, and help increase your mobility.  You will learn concepts, principles and movements that you can easily do to support yourself.  You will leave with a written, individualized program to refer back to.

These one-on-one sessions focus on your specific needs. Sessions are available daytimes, some later afternoons and later Tuesday evenings.  Not sure?  Read what clients are saying and try a session for yourself.    Contact Sue for more information or book online here.   

Product Special for May extended into June!
Bolsters & Cushions

Looking for something different for yourself or someone special?   A crystal pouch will not disappoint.  These one-of-a-kind crystal pouches are a different way to support the energy of what you would like to manifest.  They are beautiful to keep on you, or add to a special collection of meaningful items, or give as a gift.  Read more about ways to use a bolster for everyday.   Only until the end of May, these great props are 25% off!  Only in-stock items.

Events at the Studio

Dealing with Dementia – Presentation & Workshop –  
Do you have someone in your life who is living with dementia?  
Join Dementia specialist, Hypnotherapist and Power of 3 Life Coach, Lori May for an informative and interactive presentation for caregivers and/or family members on how you can utilize hypnotherapy concepts to heal yourself and better understand the individual with the diagnosis.  

Presentation night Saturday, June 10, 6:30-7:30pm, $5.00
Full Workshop the following Saturday, which will give you more tools. 
Find out more about this workshop and about Lori: Dementia Presentation & Workshop

Qigong Classes – 
Qigong is a form of gentle exercise composed of movements that are repeated a number of times, gently stretching the body, increasing fluid movement (blood, synovial & lymph) and building awareness of how the body moves through space.  Taught by Carolynne, a lovely & beautiful soul.
Mondays, 7-8pm   Drop-ins welcome.   $15/drop-in, 8 for $105
Register directly with Carolynne: Qigong with Carolynne

Healing Mantras Workshop

July 8, 2017   1:00 – 4:30PM 

Earlybird:  $55 +gst if paid by June 24
After June 24: $65 +gst
Sanskrit mantras can provide powerful healing benefits for the challenges we face in life. These mantra tools work well on their own and as an adjunct to other clinical therapies. 
 Workshop teaches Sanskrit mantras for:
  • Physical health issues
  • Mental and emotional health needs
  • Assistance in healthy relationship concerns
The range of healing needs that can be addressed by mantras specific to each need  involves practical knowledge and simple methods that can demonstrate effective results. These methods can be used as an adjunct therapy along with traditional clinical approaches.
There are specific mantras to assist with many health issues involving:
  • immune system
  • digestive systems, pancreas, gastric processes
  • arthritis, bone/joint/ligament issues, skeletal system incl. cartilage
  • muscles, tendons
  • glands including pituitary, thymus, adrenals, thyroid
  • gall bladder, liver, spleen
  • heart & circulatory system
  • lungs, respiratory system
  • skin conditions
  • nervous system, sensory organs, vision
  • treating addiction, PTSD, overeating, undereating
  • anxiety, fears, grief, depression, sense of loss
  • Cognitive issues, clarity of focused thought, strengthening learning & memory
There are also powerful general purpose healing mantras.
Join us for an introduction to experience methods of daily mantra practice that can help with healing specific physical health issues, emotional or mental health needs and some relationship health needs. 
This workshop includes detailed handout and audio recording of 59 workshop mantras 

Healing Mantras Registration 

Bill Francis Barry is certified Teacher of Mantra, Vedic Priest, with a BA degree in Yoga (Univ. of Mass). He has been a student and practitioner of mantra, yoga and Vedic studies since 1969. His studies included in-person training with Namadeva Acharya, Yogi Bhajan, Swami Muktananda, Mirabai Devi, Swami Satchidananda; plus the works of Sadguru Sant Keshavadas
His University of Mass credentials include M.Ed, MBA, BA, BS degrees, plus 500+hr Yoga Teacher Training. He teaches workshops in Sanskrit mantra, puja ceremony, Inner Nada Yoga and offers puja services & private consultation.

What Clients are Saying …

Hi Sue, 
I want to thank you for helping me be able to live my life again.  Last fall I was in a lot of pain- low back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain and lots of tension.  I stopped riding my bike and playing with my kids because I was in too much pain.  I’ve done 6 sessions now with you and I am amazed at how much better I can move and how much my pain is gone – there’s only a small bit left in my back and only when I move in the wrong way.  The best is that I am riding my bike again with no pain!  And I am on the floor playing with my kids again!  I can’t tell you how much of a difference you have made in my life. You have helped me get my life back!  I wasn’t sure if this stuff (therapeutic yoga) was going to work because you had me doing such small and little movements.  But I followed my programs from you and I put the effort in WITH BREATHING (man, I heard your voice in my head saying ‘breathe!!!’ haha) and I felt things change little by little.  You are truly gifted.  Thank you with all my heart.

I am so thankful to be able to share my passion of therapeutic movement, either in private therapeutic movement sessions, in my group classes or in workshops, with each of you.   Thank you for being an 
important and valued member of this great Elements in Motion community, and for joining me on this fabulous journey of great movement!

Many blessings,

Sue Kruszewski
Certified Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teacher 

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