Important Notice – Please Read

Hello everyone,

Life sometimes has a way of steering us swiftly in a different direction. This is what has very recently happened with the location of my Elements in Motion Yoga & Movement Therapy studio. Due to several factors, I have decided it’s best for me to move on from this space and to bigger and better things. It’s actually a blessing in disguise, even though it’s taken a bit to shift my perspective on this as it does creates short term challenges.

For the moment, as of December 31, I will no longer be running my business out of the current location. So, all classes will end, for now, on December 20.

At this point, I will be taking the rest of December and some of January to feel what the next best steps are for Elements in Motion, and for myself, and to reassess things. I am not gone! In fact, I am planning and formulating and imagining and creating an even better experience.

I will return with a rejuvenated version of me and a better space for Elements in Motion which means better classes, workshops, events and experiences, and a better me, for YOU. I just don’t know where I will be yet or when I’ll find the right space – I am looking. So, if you happen to know of a space, or someone who does, please reach out!

I have some ways to support you in the interim and I want you to know I’m here even if we don’t have a space for awhile. Please consider:

  • continuing your practice at home with my audio CD, volume 1 (listen and follow along – very simple to do, just $21) and volume II coming in January!
  • private sessions – in my home or in your home
  • practicing in the comfort of your home, an online series of classes with my new online video subscription for the 4 weeks of January. Details to come. So we can still be doing yoga together – just in a different format for now. Please check the website at the end of December, or message me if you are interested.
  • staying connected through my newsletter & website & on Facebook
  • attending pop up classes! – watch the newsletter and website for these possible classes & workshops … who knows where I will end up?! 🙂 AND, if you know of a space and would like to host a class, please contact me and we can set something up!

Please do let me know if there are other ways that you feel I can support you. I am open to ideas & suggestions from you! I’m seeing this as an opportunity for me, and also for you. This is a blessing in disguise…

For you, this IS an opportunity! Ohhh, yes, it is … 🙂 … keep reading …

This is an opportunity for you to incorporate and integrate what you’ve learned in your time with me, and to discover ways to use it. This is a time for you to explore ways to practice at home, even just one movement or breathing practice or meditation practice each day, and take ownership for your wellness with what you’ve learned. Therapeutic yoga is really about bringing these movements, awarenesses and practices into your daily life and now this is an opportunity for you to really step in.

This is an opportunity for me to step back, re-evaluate and reconfigure where to go from here. I have a bigger vision for this studio and work, and this allows me to look at how to bring more of it forth and to serve you better in the future. This is also an opportunity for me to support myself, to take care of myself, to rest and rejuvenate and come back re-energized with more ideas and enthusiasm so I can support you better. It is an opportunity for me to evaluate my schedule, what needs to change and how to improve things for all of us.

So … change brings the opportunity for growth. This is ALL GOOD STUFF.

As always, thank you so deeply for the support and kindnesses you have shared, in thoughts, gifts, words or actions, over the past weeks or months or years that we have been together. ALL have been so appreciated. Know that I am deeply grateful for each of you in this community and I look forward to seeing you all sometime soon in the very near future.

In the meantime, commit to practicing and moving – for yourself – move more parts of you more often and in more ways!

Love & Light,
xo Sue

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  1. Sue
    7 hours ago

    Wow! Big changes! I hope you are able to absorb some calm and become what you are hoping for. We need your spirit as much as your teaching. I do some practice every day, but it’s not the same. I am really interested in the idea of the online class and trust that this will not be something of an additional burden you’ve set for yourself. Keep us posted.


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