Client Love

When I first started therapeutic yoga with Sue, it was to strengthen my arches, and alleviate knee pain. As I learned and practiced various poses and exercises, my knee pain started reducing, and I have been able to return to rebounding, which had been my daily aerobic exercise, and is again.

I opted for private sessions because I have sensitivities to perfumes, and Sue’s studio is one of the few safe havens I have discovered.

Sue is a gifted teacher.  She is knowledgeable and patient, with a gentle energy.

Thank you Sue…..your ideas, suggestions, and recommendations have been life changing.

And I’m really loving the Yin yoga.

Debbie, November 2017

My private class with you was phenomenal. Boy, I have been really enjoying what you taught me. The deep breathing has been really helping as well as thinking about the moves that I do. I can’t wait to see how this keeps helping me improve. I feel so different, better, already.  Thank you!

October 2017

Sue, I am so grateful that I found you and your yoga studio last year. You have helped me in so many ways – physically, mentally, and emotionally! The work you do is powerful and so special. Your caring, kind, and genuine spirit is always greatly appreciated! Thank you for everything and for helping me to find joy in my own journey.

D.M., October 2017

We really love coming to your sessions and it honestly is the one thing helping my daughter the most. I’ve noticed a huge improvement with her since she started doing your movements so THANK YOU SO MUCH!

September 2017

I would say that my hips feel well oiled after I leave class!
It was a good class – my hips and feet feel good.
Many thanks.

Ann, August 2017

I want to thank you for the class I attended on April 29th with friends. I have discovered that using the therapeutic balls on my plantar fasciitis foot has reduced the pain & tenderness! Who knew stepping on this hardish ball on my tender foot would make it feel better! The tightness in my low back has also been substantially reduced with the spinal strip!

I am so glad my friend told me about your workshop! Life is better!

Thank You!

Norah, May 2017

Hello Sue!

I’m sorry I haven’t let you know how I’m doing! I have to admit that I only did the whole program you gave me a couple times, but then I continued (somewhat sporadically) with the leg rotations and the pendulum. And I was amazed how much better my hip got, and so quickly!!! I’d say it’s at about 99% now. Thank you so much – you sure know your stuff!

Considering how much pain I was in (waking up in agony some nights), 99% is INCREDIBLE!!

I’ll definitely be giving your name to other people!

Thank you so much, Sue!

Janice, January 2017

I just want to let you know what a difference you and all that happened yesterday made at all levels, spiritually physically structurally, at a cell level, ❤️ heart and soul level for me. I played the piano last evening which I have not done in a while and my whole physical being felt at ease this morning. Deep deep gratitude for all your capacity, deep spirituality, grace, wisdom and much more that you bring to your work/process.

I am so grateful that you are in my life, and that we are both in this place in the physical/ spiritual world at this time together. Much gratitude for all of this and more.

Robyn, Jan 2017

I started taking the therapeutic yoga group classes at Elements in Motion with Sue in September. In this short time, I have noticed so many physical improvements. I had a significant injury 2 years ago which led me to have pain and reduced range of motion in my right ankle, right shoulder and both hips. Until the classes with Sue, I believed that the pain in my joints was something that I would have to learn to live with. Amazingly, after attending Sue’s therapeutic yoga classes these past few months, I no longer have a sore ankle or sore hips and my shoulder is pain free most of the time. My range of motion, flexibility, and strength have improved so much!! I no longer wake up at night due to pain. What an amazing feeling!! The classes have also helped me tremendously with stress management and I am able to use breathing strategies in my day to day activities. I always feel good (mentally and physically) after each class and I always look forward to the next class! Sue is an excellent instructor and her studio is always warm and welcoming.

Thank you Sue!

Danielle, Jan 2017

My sister had been telling me how great Sue’s Yoga classes were for her at ‘Elements in Motion – Yoga & Movement Therapy.’ She recommended (many times) that I take a class with Sue for my hip, back, severe arthritis and stress issues. I was very reluctant to try because of the chronic pain and stiffness and I have suffered over many years. I have tried many ways to relieve my pain. My loving sister and daughter bought me a surprise Yoga and Meditation package hoping it would help me.

The moment I walked in, I felt comfortable in her peaceful studio, and was warmly greeted by Sue. She has a wonderful voice as she teaches, and is intent on making sure you are safe and comfortable. Sue draws on her many skilled therapeutic methods to increase the effectiveness of positions. I felt safe and cared for-as she saw immediately if I was having trouble in any position. By the end of the session I felt..(hard to explain), but my body felt relieved-sort of expanded- less congested. I was definitely more relaxed than I had been in a long while.

My sister said afterward ‘I told you so!’ And I’m more than happy to say she was right!

My experience at Sue’s – Elements In Motion-Yoga And Movement Therapy – is by far the best therapy I have experienced for my pain-especially in just a few hours!

Thank you Sue for this experience – it gives me hope – and that is wonderful – and so are you.

Angels Abound
Pam, Dec/16

Sue is a wonderful Yoga instructor who intuitively helps by asking questions, listening, watching and providing instructions that help you heal and improve your life. I came to Sue for help to recover from a very bad fall on July 24th. After 2 private sessions I felt my body was on its way to healing. I joined one of her weekly therapy groups and have been healing rapidly. With her help I have learned how to know where my limits are so that I don’t over do the breathing, stretches and positions that have helped my right shoulder, arm and ribs recover, as well as reducing all the pain throughout my body and helping my nerves relax and release. Thank you Sue. May we continue so that Yoga becomes an integral part of my life as much as breathing is now.

Mariana, Oct/16

Sue, I don’t know where to start. For the last 18 years I have been experiencing some type of back pain and just recently during the last 2 years the pain has moved into my hips. I didn’t even realize that I was in chronic pain until about a year ago after a chiropractic appointment I actually felt no pain for a short few days. How crazy is that?  I became so used to limited movements, waking up stiff, sore joints and constant pain that it became my normal. I believed that this way just the way it would be for me. Although I received support and relief from my chiropractor, and although I saw signs of improvement after my visits, this type of treatment became too passive for me. I needed something that allowed me to take ownership of my healing, I needed to see results and I needed to feel good often.

Words cannot explain how grateful I am for the progress I experienced in only 3 private sessions with you. I know that you listen with your heart and I know that you want me to heal. The support you’ve given in our sessions and the movements you’ve given me to practice are all leading to an improved life for me. One of my biggest fears is developing arthritis like my elderly mother and having limited to no movement at all. But, just a few days ago I lifted my leg over a bench…something I couldn’t do for over 6 months. I couldn’t believe it!

Sue, you’ve given me hope that my body will heal if given the chance. I’m so grateful for you, the knowledge you share, the confidence you have in this therapeutic process and the support you give. I have felt the benefits of this practice in such a short time and I look forward to the rewards of making this a regular part of my day. I look forward to my future progress and can’t wait to make Thursday nights at the studio a regular routine.

From my heart, I thank you!

Nella L., Aug/16

I found Sue about a year and a half ago by accident…or perhaps not…driving by a sign in my neighbourhood advertising “Therapeutic Yoga” and something told me to give it a try. It seemed to have come at the perfect time since I had recently started physiotherapy for a shoulder injury that had been limiting me for over ten years and had finally came to a point of needing to be dealt with. Regular massages and chiropractor treatments were no longer managing the pain in my neck and shoulder and I didn’t want to resort to the painkillers I was prescribed. I was suddenly sidelined for the first time in my life and no longer able to play sports, kick box, strength train or do “regular yoga”…all things that I loved doing. I was soon referred to a specialist and awaiting a proper diagnosis which took over 6 months.

My first therapeutic yoga session with Sue was more about discovering self-acceptance then the about the restorative yoga poses…although they were great! Sue understood how frustrated I was with my limitations having experienced injuries herself. Her patience and understanding was so important for me since I needed to first surrender to where I was physically, and accept it, before I could really start my journey of rehabilitation. This past spring I had the tear in my shoulder repaired and started back with Sue as soon as I got the green light from my specialist. I have continued to take Sue’s therapeutic sessions throughout as well as private sessions where Sue has created programs for me to help me continue my rehab and reteach my body how to move “purely” since it has been over compensating for over a decade..which is no small feat 😉 Sue is always up for a challenge and continually learning new techniques to help her clients. I love her passion and dedication. She truly is doing this from the heart. I am very excited to say I had a major breakthrough in my private session last week where after holding a new pose my shoulder actually dropped into a noticeably “different” position. I think we were both in a bit of shock at how dramatic it was. It felt like a light at the end of a long tunnel and reaffirmed that this is exactly where I need to be to continue my rehabilitative journey. I happened to noticed a Rumi quote on Sue’s whiteboard that same day which read something like “We don’t meet people by accident…they are meant to cross our path for a reason”. So blessed to have crossed Sue’s path.

Carmen L., Aug/16

I had been doing acupuncture, massage therapy, and receiving chiropractic and osteopathic treatments for hip, neck and shoulder issues for years. Although these have all helped,  it wasn’t until I started taking private sessions with Sue that I made a breakthrough. I cannot believe how these simple exercises and routines have been so effective. Even my other therapists have remarked on how well adjusted my body is now.  I am so very grateful to Sue for her expertise and support.

Rhiannon, July/16

After working with Sue my body has released deep layers of hidden tension. This release has enabled my spine to realign itself and as a result I have a more relaxed, yet stable posture. I feel more free to move. Thanks Sue!

D.Z., Apr/16

It took my breath away – that’s what the pain in my chest did……it was medically determined that I had pulled a muscle – much to my surprise!!

I was given the opportunity for a private session with Sue in hopes of determining specific moves to ease pain – it was terrific!!

Sue assessed the movements that would relieve my discomfort and put together a routine. The amazing part is Sue knew how the movement should feel in my body and what side effects I would experience, if any. Sue is a very hands instructor, ensuring I captured the full impact of each move.

Sue developed a series of movements, wrote it out and it is hanging on my wall at home to practice. Pain is subsiding and I can move with some normalcy without flinching – yahoo!!

If you are feeling discomfort of any kind I would strongly recommend a private session with Sue to evaluate your body – you owe it to yourself and we deserve it.

D.Z., Mar/16

My first yoga experience was at the Yin Yoga for Kidneys and Bladder meridian workshop. I learned that the relationship of movement of the body to energy flow in the body is one of the key reasons for yoga. I enjoyed the poses that allowed me to move in my own limited range of motion without discomfort (I am a 50 year old male). I learned how to use blankets, bolsters and blocks for support in the poses to allow me to hold the position without getting tired. I could really feel the increase in flexibility of my stiff spine. It was a great introduction to yoga and I plan to attend more sessions with Sue!

L.K., Mar/16

As a young adult who thinks I am invincible, Sue has been a blessing. I came to her with several injuries, the worst of which was a bulging disc in my back. I took a fall, and a few days later had shooting pains down one of my legs, and an x-ray showing that I had injured my T11. It was surrounded by fluid that was occluding my spinal chord, essentially pinching the main bit of my nervous system. I was nervous to try anything drastic like surgery, so I gave yoga a try. In a single one hour session, I went from being able to feel a golf ball sized lump on my spine to not being able to find the spot. It was like magic. I don’t even remember what kinds of things she had me doing, but I can tell you that I danced out of that session. I am thankful every day that I let her work on my back. That will not be the last time I see her about an injury, new or old!

Thanks so much Sue!

C.K., Feb/16

When I first started to take Therapeutic Yoga and Yin Yoga from Sue, a little over a year ago, I had such significant pain in my hips and lower back that I frequently couldn’t sleep and would often be limping by the end of the day.

The yoga that Sue has been teaching me has brought me to a place where I now experience little to no pain each day. Thank you so much Sue for your knowledge, care, support and encouragement. I look forward to the day when I will have no pain. Couldn’t have done this without you.

D.R., Jan/16

I had a strange thing happen to me yesterday, after I saw you. As I was driving home, stuck in gridlock, a bolt of energy shot through me, up and down my spine. It was weird and wonderful. Spontaneous joy and a deep sense of love engulfed my entire being. I felt a deep connection to everything, big and small; smiling from the inside out. I was at peace. A shift so big that it reshaped something inside me that before was formless and hidden. This kind of thing has happened to me before after practicing yoga, but not to this degree. I know the work that we have been doing-the breaking down and rebuilding of my physical self- has been instrumental in me finding more space within my body, and to a greater extent re-aligning myself to the healthy, happy, person I always knew existed but just needed to be found. Thank you Sue for showing me how to unlock the gate to this new life.

L.M., Oct/15

My naturopath recommended I see Sue after injuring my shoulder from other types of yoga. Her approach is like no other. She is excellent at giving you moves appropriate for your level and needs and reads your body’s movement (or lack of!) extremely well. I had only a few individual and group sessions but the changes are starting. I’m learning how to move “purely” and freeing my shoulder from pain. I’m applying it to my every day life and the other activities I do. Wish someone had taught me this 25 years ago!

K.P., July/15

A special thanks to Sue

I joined therapeutic yoga after a friend told how different it was from regular yoga. I have had lower back issues for about 5 years. Sciatic nerve pain from my right hip to ankle.

I have been going to yoga and Sue has really helped me stretch and release most of my tension.I really surprised myself last week, I actually could lift my leg onto my kitchen counter and get a vase from the top near the ceiling. I could not do that for a couple of years already. Too much pain in back and leg.

I have not experienced the sharp shooting sciatic anymore. I find this type of yoga so relaxing after my stressful days. I also have had some uplifting and enlightening experiences during our relaxation time.

Sue takes the time to actually correct your positions and movements so they are beneficial to your body. Every class is working a different body area, so you work your whole body to reap the benefits. This yoga has been very beneficial in to my health and well-being.

I would recommend anyone with pain try this therapeutic yoga for a couple of months, it certainly has improved my life.

D.K., June/15

Hi Sue,

I must say, I find the classes really helping me. I look forward to coming to the classes.

I am finding myself stronger little by little. Some days less pain, some days maybe more.

Still feel some pain in the tail bone area, and the pain in the lower back and hips maybe not as much some days. Have to take it day by day.

But all in all, I am finding myself stronger as each class passes. I noticed from one of the first classes I could not do some of the poses for long, now I can hold that pose longer. Yay me!

You were right I am feeling our workout from Thurs night. But that is ok, right I put in a good effort in my workout.

So I just want to say THANK YOU! for all your help, I look forward to seeing you in class!

C.G., June/15

Hi Sue:

LOVED IT!! (Therapeutic Yoga Workshop for Supple Spines)

Thank you so much. Although I initially felt awkward (not taking yoga before) you made me feel very comfortable in a short time. I felt much more energized this afternoon – I’m assuming from opening up channels. I also felt much more limber – hard to believe in one session – but thankful.

Sue – I feel like an Angel pointed me in this direction. I drove by the billboard several times before I had the opportunity to take down your number.

D.L., April/15

Real men don’t do yoga, right? They DO if they want to improve their breathing efficiency and work on their sore/arthritic backs, shoulders, hips, etc. I started Therapeutic Yoga in January and relief was immediate. Sue explains each position and how it benefits whatever joint or muscle we’re working on. And better still- no jumping around being a tree or warrior or dog.

I’d recommend this program to anyone that wants to feel mentally and physically better.
Thanks Sue!

D.W., March/15

I have suffered chronic migraines for over 40 years and have run the typical remedy gambit of medications, accu-everything, chiro, exercise (including yoga), massage etc. with limited results.

Four months ago I enrolled in a weekly group Therapeutic Yoga session led by Sue. The migraine severity and duration diminished! I was so impressed with the results that I booked private sessions. With Sue’s guidance and less than 10 min. /day homework, the improvement continues. Sue understands that every ‘body’ is unique and this is reflected in the individual coaching in her group classes. She truly cares about her clients’ progress, and achieves this with knowledge, clear communication, and perhaps most important – fun!

R.M., March/15

Sue, your classes really work – my quads are a bit sore today, and I teach (yoga) 3 times a week. I hope to attend another session with you in the summer.

A.B-H, Yoga Teacher, March/15

I decided to do some sessions with Sue to see if she could help me with the hip tension and sciatic pain that I am prone to. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my body responded to the simple exercises that Sue recommended. After my first hour-long session I walked out feeling much better than when I went in, and as I did the 15 minutes per day of exercises that she recommended as homework, I noticed an even greater sense of physical stability and balance (and less discomfort!). I have seen Sue for several sessions now and am impressed with how far I have come, and I now have a toolbox of exercises to draw from when my body reverts to its old patterns of tension. I recommend Sue to anyone who is willing to put in a little bit of time daily to achieve the goal of better health. I am so grateful for her guidance!

G.B. R.Ac., B.Sc., FABORM, Dec/14

I have done three therapeutic yoga sessions and I have seen an amazing amount of improvement in the way I feel. A major concern for me is my back especially since I suffer from scoliosis. This has caused me to suffer from constant back pain for years. Another problem I have is my knees which are very weak and have a constant clicking. I did the stretches provided by Sue as often as I could which ended up being about five days a week. After the first session I found that there was almost no pain in my back and within three days the clicking from my knees stopped as well. Sue and I did another yoga session four days later and I felt the improvements even more! My knees felt relief and my back was considerably less tense and without pain. At work the following day we were moving banker’s boxes full of files up to the storage area and this put quite a strain on my back. The following morning I felt quite a bit of pain and tension in my back from moving the boxes which lasted for a few days. I found the yoga poses did help to relieve the pain, and by the time I did the yoga session a few days later the pain disappeared yet again. I am very impressed with the therapeutic yoga and how it has helped me so much! I have taken a few alternate routes to try to eliminate my back pain and therapeutic yoga has done it the fastest and most effectively. I will be continuing to practice these poses as religiously as I can because I am so happy with the results it has given me!

A. L., Sept/14

I signed up to try Sue’s therapeutic yoga sessions because I had issues with my shoulder, hips and feet. I have attended four sessions to date. She has focused on different areas of my body from session to session, giving me exercises to work on at home and reviewing how they have or have not worked for me. I have seen immediate improvement in my shoulder and hip areas. The description I have used during the exercises with her is that the areas we are working on generally become hotter (in a pleasant way) and less “gummy” as the joints start to work more freely. My shoulder area has become more fluid in movement and this has stayed with me between exercise times. The hip joints become less gummy during the exercises and have improved somewhat day to day. I’m optimistic that I will see greater improvement in my hip area as I become less sedentary and am able to carry the benefits of the exercises into movement throughout the day. Working on my feet is next up! Looking forward to it already.

K. D., Sept/14

I would just like to say that I have been to see Sue Kruszewski. She is truly amazing! I have been to see her only a few times.

Before I saw her I was in constant pain. Through my experience with her there has been times that I have had no pain. Totally unbelievable for I have been in pain and getting worse for years. She is a Blessing to me.

S.S., Aug/14

I will highly recommend Sue to anyone who needs help with chronic/past pain. For the past month Sue has been working with me for a past shoulder injury. I had injured my shoulder about fifteen years ago, and since then have had reduced mobility in my right shoulder. Sue approached my needs in a very professional and capable manner. In four sessions I have already experienced increased mobility with the injured shoulder. I am using my right arm more then before working with Sue. She has given me stretches to do on my own, and under her guidance, I have been able to strengthen the shoulder muscles. As well as the shoulder work, she has helped me to stretch and strengthen my lower back. Sue is very personable, and I can tell that she has a strong desire to help. With her skills she is able to take her learning and apply it in a comfortable and competent manner. Sue has helped me to live my life in a fuller manner, and I thank her for that.

K.G., May/14

Yin Yoga:

With the hectic demands of running a small business and caring for young children, I needed an outlet for myself to just unwind, de-stress and improve my overall wellness. As someone who is self-conscious in group exercise classes, I opted for Sue’s 1:1 yoga class which has been a perfect option for me. Sue caters each class to my specific needs on that day and we do poses that focus on those areas at a pace that is comfortable. Sue assists me into each pose to ensure I am doing them in proper form and is really attentive and engaged throughout, explaining the benefits of each pose as we go. The class, along with the take home practice poses I am given each week, have benefitted me greatly. I have found that incorporating yoga into my life has enhanced my overall energy, strength, and even improved the quality of my sleep. I highly recommend Sue’s 1:1 yoga class as an enjoyable and affordable option for anyone who wants to experience the profound benefits of regular yoga practice.


I’d been searching for a Yin Yoga class and was overjoyed when I finally found one with Sue Kruszewski. She’s a great yoga teacher for new participants to this practice. Sue has helped me open up my hips with Yin and I’m looking forward to her class in the New Year at Southwood Community Hall.