If you are in pain,
let me help you ease it
with Therapeutic Yoga.

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If your movements are limited, let me,
Sue Kruszewski, help you free them up
and get you moving.

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If you’ve stopped doing the things you love to
do because of limited mobility, let me help you
get back to doing the things you love to do!

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Located in the Edmonton, Alberta Area,
Elements in Motion – Therapeutic Yoga can help ease pain and increase mobility.
If you live with pain or are experiencing restricted mobility or limited flexibility, let me show you how to decrease or eliminate your pain and improve your mobility.  As a result of moving purely, you will feel less pain, and an increase in your mobility.  You will be amazed at how quickly this change can happen.

Client Love

  • When I first started therapeutic yoga with Sue, it was to strengthen my arches, and alleviate knee pain. As I learned and practiced various poses and exercises, my knee pain started reducing, and I have been able to return to rebounding, which had been my daily aerobic exercise, and is again. I opted for private sessions because I have sensitivities to perfumes, and Sue's studio is one of the few safe havens I have discovered. Sue is a gifted teacher.  She is knowledgeable and patient, with a gentle energy. Thank you Sue.....your ideas, suggestions, and recommendations have been life changing. And I'm really loving the Yin yoga.


    November 2017

  • My private class with you was phenomenal. Boy, I have been really enjoying what you taught me. The deep breathing has been really helping as well as thinking about the moves that I do. I can’t wait to see how this keeps helping me improve. I feel so different, better, already.  Thank you!

    October 2017

  • Sue, I am so grateful that I found you and your yoga studio last year. You have helped me in so many ways - physically, mentally, and emotionally! The work you do is powerful and so special. Your caring, kind, and genuine spirit is always greatly appreciated! Thank you for everything and for helping me to find joy in my own journey.Save


    October 2017

  • We really love coming to your sessions and it honestly is the one thing helping my daughter the most. I've noticed a huge improvement with her since she started doing your movements so THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    September 2017

  • I would say that my hips feel well oiled after I leave class! It was a good class - my hips and feet feel good. Many thanks.Save


    August 2017

  • I want to thank you for the class I attended on April 29th with friends. I have discovered that using the therapeutic balls on my plantar fasciitis foot has reduced the pain & tenderness! Who knew stepping on this hardish ball on my tender foot would make it feel better! The tightness in my low back has also been substantially reduced with the spinal strip! I am so glad my friend told me about your workshop! Life is better! Thank You!


    May 2017

  • Hello Sue! I’m sorry I haven’t let you know how I’m doing! I have to admit that I only did the whole program you gave me a couple times, but then I continued (somewhat sporadically) with the leg rotations and the pendulum. And I was amazed how much better my hip got, and so quickly!!! I’d say it’s at about 99% now. Thank you so much - you sure know your stuff! Considering how much pain I was in (waking up in agony some nights), 99% is INCREDIBLE!! I’ll definitely be giving your name to other people! Thank you so much, Sue! Save Save


    January 2017

  • I just want to let you know what a difference you and all that happened yesterday made at all levels, spiritually, physically, structurally, at a cell level, ❤️ heart and soul level for me. I played the piano last evening which I have not done in a while and my whole physical being felt at ease this morning. Deep deep gratitude for all your capacity, deep spirituality, grace, wisdom and much more that you bring to your work/process. I am so grateful that you are in my life, and that we are both in this place in the physical/ spiritual world at this time together. Much gratitude for all of this and more. Save Save Save Save


    January 2017

  • I started taking the therapeutic yoga group classes at Elements in Motion with Sue in September. In this short time, I have noticed so many physical improvements. I had a significant injury 2 years ago which led me to have pain and reduced range of motion in my right ankle, right shoulder and both hips. Until the classes with Sue, I believed that the pain in my joints was something that I would have to learn to live with. Amazingly, after attending Sue’s therapeutic yoga classes these past few months, I no longer have a sore ankle or sore hips and my shoulder is pain free most of the time. My range of motion, flexibility, and strength have improved so much!! I no longer wake up at night due to pain. What an amazing feeling!! The classes have also helped me tremendously with stress management and I am able to use breathing strategies in my day to day activities. I always feel good (mentally and physically) after each class and I always look forward to the next class! Sue is an excellent instructor and her studio is always warm and welcoming. Thank you Sue!Save


    January 2017

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  • Phenomenal
  • Grateful
  • Daughter
  • Hips
  • Plantar Fasciitis
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  • Improved so much